“I Need a Real Home Office!” 

Is Paperwork Getting Out of Control and Taking Over?

Are You Frustrated with a Tight Workspace and Bad Lighting?

Are You Ready to Take Your Home Office Seriously?

Get MORE Accomplished and FEEL BETTER Doing it - Create a HOME OFFICE that WORKS!  

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Dear Busy Worker,

Are you suffering from backaches and headaches caused by a badly designed make-shift home office? Is kid's stuff cluttering up your desk space when you need to pay the bills or get some work done on the computer? Are you completely fed up with your inefficient office space at home?

No matter whether you work full time from home, just need the office for routine chores and research or need a convenient place for the kids to play and do homework, creating a home office area that works for you or your family can help you get your work done quickly and efficiently. Giving everything a place, creating a style and picking the right furniture can truly make life so much easier!

 “Learn the Secrets to a Home Office that WORKS”

Your home needs to meet your daily needs. Making do with an ill equipped space can cost you in time, money and physical strength. Without the right setup you could start suffering from constant headaches and back strain. On top of that, there is added stress when you are surrounded by clutter or simply can't find what you're looking for. Is it all worth the sacrifice?

A working home office will take into consideration how you use the space, how to efficiently use your budget to create the office as well as color and style that will put you in the right frame of mind when working.

Are you sick and tired of seeing piles of paper? Organizing your office so paper coming in and out is given a proper place other than a leaning tower or over filled filing cabinet will make you feel so much better. Learning exactly where to start can be the hard part...

 "Where Do You Even Begin?”

You've probably tried to clean up and declutter your office space many times before. But how long did your hard work pay off? If you've been putting it off you may feel the job is too big to tackle - but it's not!

With a fresh perspective and a simple strategy YOU can create the office you need in no time. Here's what you'll learn in...

How to Plan a Home Office That Works
(and Makes YOUR Life Easier!)…

  • What is the Role of Your Home Office: Work or Home Life?

  • Figure out the best solution for your office depending on whether you are creating an office for work or for the family (or both!)

  • How to Plan a Personal Office vs. a Family-Friendly Office

  • Find out how to plan the best office for your needs; what should you consider when planning around small children or making the most of your personal space?

  • Basic Functions of a Home Office

  • Learn the basic functions your home office needs to perform and how to incorporate them into your plan

  • Where Can You Put a Home Office?

  • Even if you DON'T think you have space for a home office, you may find a unique and resourceful solution here!

  • How Much Storage Do You Need in Your Office?    

  • Planning for sufficient storage is key to making your office work, so how much do you really need?

  • Tips for Managing Technology in Your Home Office

  • One of the most frustrating planning mistakes is NOT planning for technology - follow these simple tips for keeping wires and equipment under control!

  • Tips for Organizing Paperwork in Your Home Office    

  • Don't let paperwork run havoc in your office - learn the steps to organizing this common source of clutter

  • How to Create a Meeting Area for Clients in Your Home Office

  • Get some ideas on how to create space for visitors and clients in your office.
  • Style Ideas for Home Offices    

  • Learn how style can help blend your home office into the rest of your home, or create a visually stimulating work environment

  • Should You Build a Custom Office?

  • Weigh out the cost and benefits of building a custom office vs store bought.
  • Tips for Creating an Office on a Budget

  • Get some great ideas on creating a working office on a tight budget.

  • Tips for Defining Your Work Space in a Shared Room

  • Learn how to keep office space from overtaking your living room, bedroom or other shared space.
  • Tips for Selecting Lighting in Your Home Office

  • Protect your eyes from strain that causes squinting and headaches with these tips on lighting your home office

    What You’ll Also Get…

  • How Color Affects Your Work Environment

  • Learn how color can enhance your work environment and give it a soothing, creative or studious mood.

  • Ergonomics - How to Make Your Home Office Comfortable

  • Learn how ergonomics is used in home office equipment and furniture for added comfort and productivity

 “Are You Ready to Simplify Your Life?”

Start taking some of the stress out of your life by creating a home office that works for you! You and your family deserve to enjoy a space that functions for what you do every day. 

Instead of closing the door or averting your eyes from the sad reality that is now your office, why not sit down and decide what you need to do to make an office space you could be PROUD of?

It's not as hard as you think so download ‘How to Plan a Home Office That Works’ right now!

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